Incident Management Software

Web based real time incident management software

Bcs SilverGuard Web Reporting Incident Software Application (SGWR) is designed to help your organization take a proactive approach to record and report incidents in real time. Our easy-to-use incident management software platform, safeguard and enables your organization to record and maintain a centralized database of real-time incidents and generate consistent management reports at the click of a button. Every stages of an incident are recorded on-line and its progress can be tracked until it is closed or completed.



  • Access from any location with date/time stamp in accordance with the time zone
  • Detail User access level for one or all Locations
  • Incident and Daily Log entry by Location
  • Real time notifications of incidents by email
  • Security Alerts Publication upload
  • Audit trail at all stages for an incident
  • Store client location protocols - Post Orders, Emergency list call, Emergency Procedures, Vehicle Accident      
  • Third Party Contact information & Witness statements
  • Upload and attach documents such as photographs, videos or hand-written statements
  • Upload SilverGuard Tour Patrol Reports for client viewing
  • Pass Down Log with Alarms to inform the next shift or user of things to be done
  • User defined Location Types, State & Categories of Incidents


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