Mobile Clinician Escort (Security Officers) Service Software

Mobile technology can play an important role in mobile home based care services. Our Mobile Visit Analysis Healthcare System (VAHS) developed specifically for healthcare organizations, has been designed to address two critical management issues, employee safety and team productivity.

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Using the VAHS  App on a smartphone, escorts (security officers) are able to collect data while working with  Clinicians ( nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, social workers ...), some of which includes the following;

  • Clinician  scheduled pickup time

  • Clinician start time

  • the location of each visit

  • time spent with each patient

  •  travel time between each patient visit

  •  down time between visits

  • escort services provided

  • Clinician end time

  •  GPS information of the Escort/Clinician at any time during their work assignment

The VAHS App works with iPhones, Andriod Smartphones, iPads and Android Tablets. 

The VAHS back-end software  features locator technology, time and attendance scheduling, monitoring  and payroll functions. Reports produced allow users to spot trends or areas where things could be done more efficiently. Click here for more information